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Activated Charcoal: TRENDY or TRUSTFUL?

Information about TEETH WHITENING is easily one of the most common topics that my patients ask about daily. With recent social media posts and advertisements about ACTIVATED CHARCOAL toothpaste and their claims to whiten your pearly gates, I thought I would share some of what I’ve learned about these products. Activated charcoal is not to […]

“I Just Want a Regular Cleaning!”

The human body is a unique system that responds differently per individual, whether it may be a dental response or in some other part of the body. Just because one person goes years without dental care does not mean that the next person can do the same. This is why your preventive care appointments are […]

Healthy Human Saliva

Whether you call it spit, drool, or saliva do you ever think about it? What is its purpose? How your daily lifestyle affects the quality of your saliva? Saliva is made up of 99.5% water plus electrolytes, mucus, white blood cells, epithelial cells, enzymes, antimicrobial agents and lysozymes.  It has multiple purposes: lubrication, digestion, antimicrobial […]

Signs That Your Child Isn’t Sleeping Well

As parents we tend to work hard at our jobs and raising our kids and once it’s bedtime, lights out!  Many parents don’t stay up to observe their child sleeping, as they need rest too, and may not realize how poorly their child is sleeping. Look for these signs in your child: Snoring Many of […]

Gingival Recession

We see gingival recession every day in clinical practice. It is the most common clinical situation observed in patient populations regardless of their age and ethnicity.1 Malocclusion, occlusal trauma, chronic inflammation and poor oral hygiene encompass majority of the causation. So what is gingival recession? Simply put, it is exposure of our root structure along […]

The Nose Is For Breathing, The Mouth is for Eating

Can you breathe through your nose?  Try closing your mouth and breathing through your nose.  Can you breathe through your nose comfortably for a prolonged period of time?  The answer should be yes. Try the Buteyko breathing techniques and the mouth taping technique at night when you sleep to allow your body the benefits of […]