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General and Cosmetic Dentistry located in The Woodlands, TX

Healthy habits can develop at any stage of life, from infancy and childhood through adulthood, and a great place to start is with your oral health. At Sterling Ridge Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in The Woodlands, Texas, Erica K. Cummings, DDS, MAGD, and her dedicated team provide you and your family with high-quality general dentistry care. From routine cleanings to root canal therapy, Dr. Cummings can craft you a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more about the services available.

General Dentistry Q & A

What is general dentistry?

General dentists provide comprehensive dental care to patients of all ages, starting during childhood. From bi-annual dental exams and X-rays to tooth extractions and denture placements, a general dentist is trained in a broad range of dental techniques and treatments.

Dr. Cummings has made it a point to update her office with heat and massage chairs, as well as noise-canceling headphones, to provide her patients with comfort and relaxation. Sterling Ridge Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is also proud to have Xbox consoles in their designated children’s area.

Which services do general dentists offer?

In addition to routine cleanings and dental exams, Sterling Ridge Cosmetic & Family Dentistry provides the following treatments and preventive services:

Oral Cancer Screening

During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Cummings examines the inside of your mouth to check for any signs of oral cancer or precancerous growths.

Tooth extraction

If you suffer from a decayed or infected tooth, Dr. Cummings can extract your damaged tooth safely and as comfortably as possible.


Dr. Cummings and her team offer natural-looking, tooth-colored fillings to patients with cavities and tooth decay.

Root canal therapy

If you have a tooth infection, Dr. Cummings can remove the infected pulp in her office, so you can get back to enjoying the activities you love, pain-free.

What other dental services do general dentists provide?

Night guards

Teeth grinding (bruxism), temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), clenching, and snoring can impact your sleep quality as well as your partner’s. At Sterling Ridge Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dr. Cummings can fit you for a custom night guard that helps prevent snoring due to sleep apnea. Night guards also solve teeth grinding and improve the symptoms of TMJ.


Severely decayed or missing teeth don’t have to cause you embarrassment. Dr. Cummings can fit you with natural-looking, comfortable full or partial dentures that look and feel just like the rest of your teeth.


Dr. Cummings provides a number of cosmetic and restorative services at her practice, including teeth whitening, veneers, dental crowns, smile makeovers, and more.

At Sterling Ridge Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, there are a number of dental services available for you and the rest of your family. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more about the comprehensive list of services Dr. Cummings offers.