Restorative Dentistry at Sterling Ridge

Sterling Ridge group standing 02 - 1024 pixelsYour whole family can see Sterling Ridge Dentistry to keep their teeth healthy!

Dr. Erica Baker Cummings offers you routine six-month cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. She will also perform periodontal exams to assess the health of your gums, and take reduced-radiation digital x-rays as needed.

Erica is also committed to making visits to Sterling Ridge fun for your kids and teaching them how to take care of their teeth.

She sometimes recommends sealants to help prevent cavities. When you have cavities or other problems that require a procedure, Erica has the clinical skills and the gentle touch you want. She uses tooth-colored fillings to keep smiles bright.

Dental Services and Surgery

Dr. Erica Baker Cummings also offers you a full range of dental care at her office in The Woodlands. This care includes sedation dentistry for patients who get nervous during dental procedures.

Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings:

We use composite fillings to treat cavities, close the space between teeth, or to mask staining. We match the color of the composite filling to the color of your teeth.


A crown is an artificial tooth we place over a natural tooth when it has been damaged by decay or accident. The crown works like your real tooth. We use the best materials so it looks like your real tooth, too.

Tooth Extractions:

When tooth decay has advanced too far, or when root canals have failed to save a tooth, then extraction becomes necessary. In most cases, we’ll place a graft in the socket to preserve the bone for a tooth replacement.

Tooth Replacements: Implants, Bridges, and Dentures

Implants are the standard of care to replace missing teeth. Implants are an excellent single tooth solution and are often a good choice to replace several missing teeth.

Other choices include “bridges” which are custom-made artificial teeth we attach to your natural teeth using crowns. Dentures replace your natural teeth and gums.

We’ll discuss tooth replacement options with you, and help you choose the best one. We only use the best materials so your new teeth feel great, look great, and work great.

One-day Dental Care Available!

Sterling Ridge can make custom crowns, implants, and bridges in their office using the CEREC System. As a result, we can frequently offer you complete care in one visit.

Please call 281-298-2503 or use our online form to make an appointment with us.