Cosmetic Dentistry at Sterling Ridge

Sterling Ridge group sitting cropped 01 - 1024 pixel widthDr. Erica Baker Cummings can help you whiten your teeth and design your perfect smile.

Erica uses the KöR Whitening System for her patients who want whiter teeth. She selected KöR because it gives you a radiantly white, natural-looking smile which is completely safe for your teeth and gums.

The KöR process is also comfortable. Most patients experience little or no tooth sensitivity during the treatment.

The KöR System can whiten even darkly stained teeth. With easy at-home maintenance, your teeth will stay white even if you continue to drink red wine, coffee, or tea.

Better Smiles at Sterling Ridge Cosmetic Dentistry*

Dr. Erica Baker Cummings can also help you create the smile you want using veneers which are attractive “faces” she attaches to the front of your teeth.

Veneers let you choose the color, shape, spacing, and angle of your teeth. The smile design process typically takes several appointments to make sure you get the smile you want.

Erica can also offer you temporary veneers, which allow you to try out a new smile before she makes it permanent.

Some people are good candidates for “no prep veneers” (also called “lumineers”) which can require fewer appointments than traditional veneers. Full coverage crowns can also be a good choice for improving the appearance of your teeth.

Sterling Ridge can make custom veneers in their office using the CEREC System, which lets them give you a new smile more quickly.

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* Cosmetic Dentistry is usually not covered by dental insurance.